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Local Architect and Builder selected to represent Timberpeg® Post and Beam Structures.

Timberpeg® timber frame homes and commercial buildings has selected George J. Donovan AIA and Associates Architects and Donovan, Phillips Ltd. Construction Services both of Bedminster and Bethlehem, PA as their Independent Representative for Delaware Valley and Lehigh Valley.

"The design-build team of Donovan Architects and DPL Construction fits the profile of Timberpeg's independent representatives perfectly," says Bob Britton, president of Timberpeg® East, Inc.

The architectural firm with over 32 years of experience can assist clients in developing preliminary designs, which are then forwarded to Timberpeg® for engineering of the timber frame. Once plans have been finalized, Timberpeg® fabricates and ships the pre-cut timber frame and high quality weathertight shell materials to DPL Construction for assembly and completion of the custom home. DPL Construction has nearly 12 years of hands on experience working with timber framing.

Each member of the design/manufacture/build team shares a common philosophy of building sustainably. The design team incorporates the latest elements of the US Green Building Council rating system and is lead by a LEED Accredited Professional. Since its inception in 1974, the manufacturer has recycled all waste materials within the local community in Claremont, N.H. The construction company uses the "greenest" materials and practices available to assure energy efficient, non polluting structures that are cost effective and reasonable to operate.






Construction Services

Donovan-Phillips Ltd. was created to bring together the design, construction, and management talents of key members of the award winning Architectural firm of George J. Donovan AIA and Associates; in order to provide our clients with single point responsibility for their construction projects.

The benefit to you will be continuity that keeps the architect involved throughout all phases of the projects design and delivery process to assure the highest degree of quality.  Owners will further benefit by a depth of experience that cannot be matched by either architects or contractors working independently.

At last the details so carefully worked out with our clients on paper will be executed exactly as intended in their building project.  Our team of contractors and sub contractors share this philosophy, working closely with our on site project managers.  Our project managers are accessible, knowledgeable, and sensitive to your needs.

We are confident that through design/build, the highest quality and value can be achieved.  We look forward to demonstrating this commitment to our clients.





Who Benefits From Our Services?

 Owners who demand the best quality workmanship.

 Owners who have critical time schedules.

 Owners who are sensitive to the aesthetics of the design so often lost to improper supervision.

 Owners who have more vital business related roles. to play than managing a construction project.

 Owners who who recognize the capabilities of their design professionals.





What Should You Expect Before Construction?

The time before construction begins is the crucial time to develop a realistic approach to the owner's program.  This is accomplished by sensitive design coordinated with a realistic budget.  This up front coordination will save the owner both time and additional cost during construction and is accomplished by the following means:

 Program, Budget, and Schedule Evaluation

 Conceptual Cost Estimate

 Recommendations for Program Adjustments

 Construction Document Review

 Coordination of Consultants

 Establishment of the Bidding Method

 Bidding Coordination

 Construction Agreements Preparation

 Construction Schedules

 Resolve issues before they become disputes




What Should You Expect During Construction?

During construction, the owner can rely on our construction management team to ensure that the project time schedule and budget are closely adhered to.  As construction managers we will also provide the owner with daily site representation and written reports on the project's progress.  Any discrepancies that arise during construction will be quickly resolved.  The following outlines specific construction management responsibilities during construction. 

 Regular Progress Meetings

 Distribution of Meeting Minutes

 Monitoring of Construction Costs

 Maintenance of Accounting Records

 Processing Shop Drawings and Product Submittals

 Updates on Project Schedule and Budget




Final Inspection by Officers:

 Christian G. Donovan, President

 George J. Donovan AIA, LEED AP, Vice President

 H. Joseph Phillips AIA, LEED AP, Secretary/Treasurer

Resumes available upon request



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